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We Cater for all Occasions

Customized Catering Menu

Need ideas? 

Browse our menu and scroll down to look at some of the 

 trays that could be at your function.

Personal & Corporate Catering

We cater daily to home and office functions, large or small. We can be starting with a continental style, or a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, oven roasted potatoes and bread & butter. 

If it's lunch you're looking for we have three different styles of sandwich trays that can be created fresh & made for your order. Cheese, Fruit or Vegetable trays accompanied  by absolutely delicious dessert trays, especially the butter tarts.  If you don't feel like eating veggies, order a salad, we have an awesome Spinach dressing that we are known for.  People come from as far away as Peterborough when they are coming to London they order 10, stop in and pick them up. 

We have some really amazing hot items you can have for lunch or dinner.

 When we're done the catering we cook for the freezers as they empty as fast as we fill them. We are always cooking everyday whether it is for our catering or restocking our freezers there is always something going on.

We offer full service catering and city wide delivery.

519 668 3360

Below are many of the types of events 

we can do for you!


Rehearsal Parties

Bridal Showers




Holiday Socials




Office or House Parties

School Functions

Grand Openings

Trade shows

I have always felt that I am a personal caterer. I listen to what your vision is, what you want, and what your budget is. If there are ways that I can save you money, I will tell you.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!!! 

What makes us different, 

paying attention to detail & our 

trays are made with TLC.

 You are not a number, you are my customer. I want you to be happy with your order and I want you to come back!

Various trays from our catering menu 

Classic Sandwiches 

& Wrap Tray​

Rush Hour 




Medium Fruit Tray

Variety of Wraps

Large Cheese Tray

Build your own Bun

Meat, Cheese and Pickles shown on this Tray

Build your own Bun

Lettuce, Onions, Cucumbers, & Tomatoes 

Medium Dessert Tray

(This one was decorated for a Christmas Function)

Extra Large Cheese Tray

Extra, Extra Large Fruit Tray

Extra, Extra Large Vegetable Tray

Assorted Wrap Tray

Medium Cheese Tray

Assorted Squares 

& Tarts

Half & Half Tray 

(this side is Vegetable)

Half & Half Tray 

(this side is cheese)

Rush Hour Sandwiches

Rush Hour Sandwiches & Classics

Assorted Wraps

Rush Hour Sandwiches & Classics

Pickle Tray

Antipasto Meat Tray

The images below are from three functions.  

A shower, a wedding Dessert and Candy Bar midnight buffet, and a Funeral set up.

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