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About Us ~ Me ~ & my staff

Hello Everyone,

My name is Colleen Anello and I have been in the food industry for 45 years and have been open for 25 years formally operating as Out N Back Cafe & Catering at my previous location of 1061 Wonderland Rd S. London. I was there for 17 years, serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, all the while catering for families, & offices, and cooking for my freezer section. I like to view that as an elite line of frozen homemade entrees. I have serviced hundreds of families with my frozen entrees helping out our elderly & our Veterans to be able to remain in their homes for longer periods of time.

I've loved every minute of my journey

In the Beginning

I was Out and Now I'm Back, cooking & catering for all my loyal customers. I had a hopping breakfast business buy 5 and get your 6th one FREE. I am still having people tel​l me how much they miss my store front. The business grew to an eat in Breakfast & Lunch gathering place, customers picked -up their fresh baked pies, loaves, tarts, cookies & squares, all homemade from our kitchen. They would take home dinner from the frozen entree section, and order their catering for an office or family function. Over all the years I have had the privilege of catering to many families for years & years.

Moving & Downsizing

I relocated to 746 Wharncliffe Rd S. London, Ont. I went from 1750 sq. ft. to 988 sq. ft. My lease was up and I knew I didn't want to retire but I also didn't want to run such a big location anymore. I closed the Café part in early July of 2012, and kept catering and making frozen entrees for the freezer section.

I found my new location and started renovating. My wonderful son organized and ran the job of building my new location. (it only cost me alot of lunches and Tim cards everyday, LOL) I opened up & I love my new location! It feels so big and open especially in contrast to what I had before. Even though the other place was larger I always felt I was behind the wall not seeing who came in and what was going on.

Starting up again 

In this location I can see who comes in, what is going on and all while I am cooking all that great homemade food. It is like an open kitchen with a lunch counter and store front.

We cater to home and office functions large or small and we do city wide delivery. We are always cooking everyday restocking the freezer's with fresh made entrees of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Fish & Vegetarian. Most recently I have added a few Gluten Free and Vegan options to my meal selection. All of our entrees are homemade in our kitchen with the freshest ingredients and no preservatives. We package our products in single to family size portions and we carry some of the popular items in larger portions. We make delicious side dishes of assorted vegetables, and potatoes. Our T.V. Dinners all come with Mashed Potatoes, Vegetables, and various Beef, Pork, Fish and Chicken choices. We stock Homemade - Healthy Hearty containers of Meaty Chili, Cream and Broth Soups in family or senior size portions. 

Mondays & Tuesdays are Senior 

10% off days. 

Hope to see you soon!

Love my new location 

Best choice I ever made

At my new location quite often the door will open and someone will peek their head in and ask "do you still have those butter tarts or my famous spinach dressing."

Yep, you have the right place, come on in.

Slowing Down

I was asked once 

"what are your plans for the future?"

I said

"I signed my lease for another 3 years" But I'll let you know how my body feels then.

Well, going into my 10th year at this location still growing and still loving all that we do, my body is not so kind! Can't do what I used to do, I mostly work from home doing everything I can do to help make it work. I also can help with the shopping, answering the phones and get a round but not like I used to.


I have family, and a wonderful staff, they make it happen everyday.  

Till then 

I will keep doing what I love


I love what  I do!!!



We offer City Wide Delivery, 

& Surrounding Areas

for your convenience with a fee.

746 Wharncliffe Rd. S.

London, Ont. N6J 2N4

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