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Comfort food Made from Scratch!!!
Old fashioned cooking like Grandma used to make!
               Handmade with LOVE!!!
I am a Veteran Provider
and registered with DVA.
If you are a veteran with access to nutrition benefits you can order with me, receive your meals and I will bill Blue Cross.
All of our are prepared with quality ingredients and with no preservatives.
We prepare T.V. Dinners, Individual, & Family Size portions for the freezer section, occasionally we have larger sizes available, but to be sure, order ahead. We carry hearty in senior and family size containers. Some examples would be *Chicken Noodle *Chicken Tortellini *Cream of Spinach & Carrot *Cream of Vegetable *Chick Pea, *Spinach & Pasta *Cabbage Roll *Beef Barley and more. Chili is  
 We offer city WIDE Delivery!!!                                 
             Seniors Days
               *Monday & Tuesday                                                         10% discount*
                  for pick-up only.
Colleen is cutting the meatloaf for the T.V. dinner's
(double click Freezer Menu and the
menu will popup)
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